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Diet and Diabetes

01 Sep 2021 by Admin
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Diet plays a major role in controlling diabetes .60% people can control their diabetes through diet alone without needing to take medication - that's how important diet is! You dietary practices determine your blood glucose levels. There are red light food items - that increase blood glucose levels like simple carbs, fats, refined foods etc, and there are green light food items that help to stabilize your blood glucose levels like vegetables, salads, high fiber foods. By making wise food choices, you can keep your diabetes in control. You don't have to follow any diet plan; in-fact there is no special diabetes diet. You need to take a healthy diet low in carbs & rich in fiber and proteins. Glucose does not come only from eating sweet foods. All food we eat eventually gets converted to glucose in the body. Carbohydrates (bread, rice) and fats (butter, oil) produce a lot of glucose in the body. So, other than avoiding sweets, also go low on carbs/fats/processed foods/juices etc.

Eating excess of calories and fat makes your body responds by creating an undesirable rise in blood glucose. If blood glucose isn't kept in check, it can lead to serious problems, such as a dangerously high blood glucose level (hyperglycemia) and long-term complications, such as nerve, kidney and heart damage

People with diabetes can easily control their blood sugar by making healthy food choices. A healthy diet helps you control your blood sugar level, manage your weight and control risk factors for heart and other diseases, such as high blood pressure and high blood fats.